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Better Understanding of Milky Way Galaxy Structure Affirms Design

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 Research by a Canadian astrophysicist better establishes the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy and affirms the design necessary for the Earth-Sun system to be capable of supporting advanced life for long time spans. Jacques Vallée analyzed all the measurements of the Milky Way Galaxy’s spiral arms from 1985 to 2005 to determine how many spiral arms exist as well as their shape, location, and pitch angle. His research revealed that the interarm separation near the sun is 25% smaller than previously thought. When our sun passes through the spiral arms, our solar system is subject to increased cosmic radiation, meteoritic bombardment, and gravitational instabilities—all of which are harmful to advanced life. Since the safe area between the arms is smaller than previously thought, a greater degree of design is required to minimize the time the solar system spends inside the spiral arms.

o   Jacques P. Vallée, “The Spiral Arms and Interarm Separation of the Milky Way: An Updated Statistical Study,” Astronomical Journal 130 (2005): 569-75.


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