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Better Distance, More Design

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Better distance measurements of structure in the Milky Way Galaxy have buttressed RTB’s creation model by producing further evidence of fine-tuning. Accurate distances provide the foundation for strong models of the formation and evolution of the universe. Using maser emission from a star-forming region in the Perseus spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, a team of astronomers resolved discrepant results from other techniques. The more accurate distance allowed the team to determine that the star-forming region does not follow a circular orbit in the galaxy. Also, the density difference between spiral arms and the space between arms is much larger than previously thought. Consequently, this conclusion enhances the fine-tuning necessary to prevent the catastrophic disruption to our solar system that would result from a passage through the spiral arms. 

o   Y. Xu et al., “The Distance to the Perseus Spiral Arm in the Milky Way,” Science 311 (2006): 54-57.


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