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Baryon Fraction in Galaxy Clusters

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New computer simulations performed by Chinese astrophysicists have solved a long-standing anomaly in the biblically predicted big bang creation model. X-ray measurements had shown that the fraction of baryons (protons and neutrons) in galaxy clusters is slightly less than what would be predicted from the synthesis of baryons in the big bang creation event. The team’s computer simulations establish that about 3% of the cosmic baryons produced in the big bang creation event would remain “hidden,” that is, undetectable by x-ray observations, at distances corresponding to the state of the universe 11 billion years ago. About 14% would remain hidden for nearby distances that correspond to the present age of the universe. Adding the hidden amounts of baryons to the observed amounts is adequate to resolve the anomaly. This resolution vindicates the biblical cosmic model while striking a blow at many atheistic and young-earth models.

o   Ping He, Long-Long Feng, and Li-Zhi Fang, “Distributions of the Baryon Fraction on Large Scales in the Universe,” Astrophysical Journal 623 (2005): 601-11.


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