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Background Radiation Test

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RTB’s biblical cosmic creation model has passed another test. Some of the most important scientific evidences for the biblical cosmic creation model and for the exquisite design of the universe for the benefit of life come from the detailed maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation (radiation left over from the creation of the universe). Two Australian astronomers put the reliability of these cosmic background radiation maps to the test by making a diligent search for possible systematic effects (radiation effects due to instrumental biases or to contamination from other radiation sources). The only possible systematic effect they could find was marginal evidence for a slight amount of contamination from radiation from the Milky Way Galaxy. Thus, the evidence for a biblical cosmic creation event and for the design of the universe for the benefit of life as described in the Bible remains secure.

Louise M. Griffiths and Charles H. Lineweaver, “Testing the Cosmic Microwave Background Data for Systematic Effects,” Astrophysical Journal, 603 (2004), pp. 371-382.


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