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Back to the Future, Part 9 (of 12)

I don’t think there’s World War II movie I haven’t seen. In fact, I have a “favorite war movies list” and more than 50 of them are about the Second World War.

The most recent to make the list is Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’ new 10-part miniseries, The Pacific, now airing on HBO. The show depicts the heroic exploits of various United States Marines in the Pacific theater during World War II.

The American combat soldiers of WWII never cease to amaze and inspire me. Their uncommon courage and willingness to sacrifice their own lives in the face of the bloodiest war in human history truly astonishes me.

People often discuss what constitutes a good life but seldom do we think about a good death. In a previous article in my series on eschatology I write about the idea of a “good death.” Is it possible these American servicemen who gave their lives to save the world from totalitarianism can teach us all something significant about both life and death?

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