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Back to the Future, Part 7 (of 12)

Reasons To Believe’s apologetics ministry outreaches provide me with great opportunities to visit a variety of different denominational churches, both in America and in other nations. One rule I follow in terms of discussing denominational differences is insisting on acknowledging what Christians have in common before moving to the differences. The question then becomes: How significant are the differences in light of our common ground in Jesus Christ?

The differences among Christians concerning eschatology (the study of future things) tend to be a source of division. But believers who quarrel over such issues would do well to heed two points of consideration. First, believers too often lose sight of how much they have in common even when it comes to viewpoints on end times. I call this common ground “Mere Christian Eschatology.” Second, given the challenges of interpreting the Bible’s apocalyptic literature, there may be a need to hold our given eschatological positions with a greater sense of humility and thereby extend greater charity toward those with whom we disagree.

As I work on a new book manuscript, I encourage you to take a look at a previous article titled “Thinking about Future Things, Part 7,” which develops these two points in greater detail.

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