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Back to the Future, Part 2 (of 12)

Working at an interdenominational apologetics organization like Reasons To Believe gives me an opportunity to interact with Christians of different theological stripes. Over the last several years I have spoken in Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Reformed, Presbyterian, Assembly of God, Congregationalist, and even Seventh-day Adventist churches. I’ve also spoken in churches not officially tied to any particular denomination.

While I am personally part of the historic Reformed theological tradition, I enjoy opportunities to visit with Christians of other churches and denominations. Before discussing the important doctrinal differences between various churches, I always insist on finding the common ground that all evangelical Christians share. Doctrinal differences are a reality in God’s universal community and contrasting beliefs should be carefully considered. Unfortunately too often the common theological ground shared by all Christians (what C. S. Lewis called “mere Christianity”) isn’t sufficiently appreciated.

As I continue to work on some important writing projects I hope you will benefit from part 2 of my exploration of one such doctrinal issue: eschatology (future things).

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Subjects: Bible Difficulties

Kenneth R. Samples

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