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Back to the Future, Part 10 (of 12)

You Don’t Know Jack, a recent HBO movie starring Al Pacino, tells the story of right-to-die activist Dr. Jack Kevorkian, popularly referred to as “Dr. Death.” In the 1990s, Kevorkian championed physician-assisted suicide. He also claimed to have personally assisted in the suicide of some 160 people before he was arrested and imprisoned for second-degree murder.

I plan to review this movie next month on my podcast, Straight Thinking. In the meantime, a previous article (part 10 in a series on eschatology) will offer a historic Christian alternative to active euthanasia. Christians can affirm the concept of a “good death” while at the same time rejecting suicide and active euthanasia.

As I work on a new book project, I hope this article will stimulate your thoughts about the Christian perspective on death and the afterlife.

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