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Back to the Future, Part 1 (of 12)

Before working for Reasons To Believe, I spent almost ten years teaching courses in logic, philosophy, and religion at a couple of different public colleges in Southern California. The logic courses were some of my favorites to teach. Students often felt wary of taking such an abstract course, but by the end most of the students felt empowered by learning to think carefully and critically about life’s most important issues.

I try to incorporate those same teaching skills in my work at Reasons To Believe. I especially enjoy helping Christians to think carefully about important biblical topics, and the subject of eschatology, or study of future things, is a critical biblical issue. This twelve-part series represents my attempt to help believers navigate through a difficult and controversial area of theology.

As I work diligently on a new book on the subject of Christian apologetics, I hope you will enjoy reviewing part one of this series on future things.

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Subjects: End Times

Kenneth R. Samples

I believe deeply that “all truth is God’s truth.” As an RTB scholar I have a great passion to help people understand and see the truth and relevance of Christianity’s truth-claims. Read more about Kenneth Samples.