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Atmospheric Aerosols May Be Tempering Global Heating

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Measurements of the cooling from man-made atmospheric aerosols testify to the work of a supernatural Designer maintaining Earth as a suitable habitat. The removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere has balanced the sun’s luminosity increase over the last 3 billion years in order to maintain a relatively constant surface temperature on Earth. However, CO2 levels cannot be reduced further without affecting Earth’s biomass capacity (total living organisms). Satellite measurements show that man-made aerosols in the atmosphere scatter sunlight back into space, thereby reducing the amount of atmospheric heating. This adjustment is consistent with the idea of a super-caring Creator who not only prepares a fit habitat for humanity, but allows man to participate in sustaining that habitat.

o   Nicolas Bellouin et al., “Global Estimate of Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing from Satellite Measurements,” Nature 438 (2005): 1138-41.


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