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Astroseismic Tests of Stellar Models

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Complementing the results from satellite observatories that are studying the seismology of the sun, a team of astronomers has collected 21 years worth of high precision photometry measurements on a star, HD 129929, that is 9.2 times the mass of the sun. These photometry measurements show that HD 129929 has six different frequencies of pulsation. Like the studies on the sun, the pulsation determinations on HD 129929 demonstrate the theoretical models developed by astrophysicists to describe the evolution of the interior structure of stars is correct. Therefore, such stellar interior structure models really do provide independent proof for the big bang creation model and for the Creator’s aggressive design of galaxies and stars so as to provide a planet capable of supporting life in only 9.9 billion years.

C. Aerts, et al, “Astroseismology of HD 129929: Core Overshooting and Nonrigid Rotation,” Science, 300 (2003), pp. 1926-1928; Steven D. Kawaler, “Taking the Pulse of a Massive Star,” Science, 300 (2003), p. 1885. 

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