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Antarctic Ice Core

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Analysis of a deep ice core in Antarctica gives more evidence for the supernatural timing of humanity’s arrival and for an old-earth, local flood interpretation of the Bible. Recovery of a 3-kilometer-long ice core from Dome C, Antarctica, provides a climate record for the past 740,000 years. This record shows that the current epoch compared to earlier epochs is exceptionally benign for sustaining a large, globally distributed, high-tech human population. In addition, several other characteristics of the layers confirm that the ice core layers really do document 740,000 years of Earth history. Volcanic ash signatures in the layers correspond to volcanic eruptions in recorded history; climatic cycles found in the layers correspond to the period of eccentricity variation in Earth’s orbit (100,000 years) and the period of obliquity variation in Earth’s orbit (41,000 years); and radiometric dating of minerals embedded in the ice yield dates consistent with an old-earth model. Finally, as with four other deep ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, there is no evidence for any kind of global flood.

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