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Another Extrasolar Comet Cloud

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New measurements by astronomers provide yet another refutation of a recent young-earth creationist prediction that large distant reservoirs of comets do not orbit about the Sun or about any other neighboring star. A team of British and American astronomers has determined that the star eta Corvi possesses a relatively dense ring of collisional dust located some 14 billion miles from the star. Such dust is the unmistakable signature of a vast and distant cloud of comets around eta Corvi. This discovery, along with other recent discoveries of reservoirs orbiting about the Sun (the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud) and a comet cloud around the star epsilon Eridani, confirms an important prediction of the old-earth creationist model while refuting the corresponding young-earth creationist prediction.

o    M. C. Wyatt et al., “Submillimeter Images of a Dusty Kuiper Belt Around eta Corvi,” Astrophysical Journal 620 (2005): 492-500.



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Subjects: Extrasolar Planets, Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth?

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