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Ancient Monsoons Affirm Earth’s Antiquity

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The consistency of monsoon records from China with astronomical events and other dating techniques supports RTB’s cosmic creation model and argues for an ancient cosmos. Using oxygen isotopes in cave formations, an international team of scientists extended the Hulu Asian Monsoon record to more than 135,000 years ago. The glaciations on Earth dated in this record broadly follow periods of decreased solar radiation resulting from variations in Earth’s orbit. The team also dated a number of other large-scale changes on Earth to a period of weak monsoon activity—all of which correspond well with other dating techniques or known variations in Earth’s orbit. These findings strengthen previous measurements and add details to RTB’s creation model. They also highlight the remarkable robustness of Earth’s global environment despite substantial astronomically induced changes.

o   Hai Cheng et al., “A Penultimate Glacial Monsoon Record from Hulu Cave and Two-phase Glacial Terminations,” Geology 34 (2006): 217-20.


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