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Ancient Ice Cores to Reveal Climate, Age

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An international team of geologists has embarked on an epic project in a remote part of Antarctica that promises to provide important historical climate data. Modeling of the Antarctic ice in the Dome A regions suggests that the clean record of annual ice-layering may extend back to 1.5 million years ago. Air bubbles in an ice core from Dome A would contain CO2 and other climate data during a period (about 1 million years ago) when the glacial cycles shifted from 41,000 years to every 100,000 years. Additionally, this period includes the last reversal of Earth’s magnetic field around 800,000 years ago. Such data would prove invaluable in understanding how CO2 levels affect global climate, how magnetic reversals affect the atmosphere, and in further solidifying a greater than 10,000-year age for Earth.

o       Nicola Jones, “Polar Research: Buried Treasure,” Nature 446 (2007): 126-28.


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Subjects: Earth/Moon Design, Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth

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