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Alternative Gravity Ruled Out

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Caltech physicists’ theoretical calculations continue to highlight the extreme fine-tuning represented by the space-energy density (a.k.a. dark energy). Shortly after the discovery of an accelerating cosmic expansion (consistent with the Bible’s description of God stretching out the universe), some researchers sought to explain the acceleration by modifying general relativity. However, scientists had not observed the expected consequences of the modification within the solar system, leading some to question the validity of the tests. The Caltech team demonstrated that solar system observations do indeed invalidate the proposed modifications. Consequently, the evidence for dark energy, and the immense fine-tuning it represents, continues to grow and provides renewed support for RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o       Adrienne L. Erickcek, Tristan L. Smith, and Marc Kamionkowski, “Solar System Tests Do Rule Out 1/R Gravity,” Physical Review D 74 (2006): 121501.


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