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Ages of Pulsars

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Consistent with RTB’s biblical creation model is the Vela supernova eruption, an astronomical event that released enough radiation to gradually reduce human life spans. A new understanding by astronomers of how to obtain age estimates of pulsars (which form from supernova explosions) may help them determine a more accurate date for the eruption of the Vela supernova. Given the likelihood that radiation from Vela may help explain the shortened human life spans mentioned in Genesis 6:3 and described in Genesis 11, a more accurate Vela supernova eruption date would yield more precise dates for humanity’s early history.

Y. Shi and R. X. Xu, “Can the Age Discrepancies of Neutron Stars Be Circumvented by an Accretion-Assisted Torque?” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 596 (2003), pp. L75-L78.

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