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Accurate Clock for Testing Cosmic Creation

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Japanese engineering physicists have developed a technology that could dramatically increase the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the universe. The team demonstrated that atoms trapped in an optical lattice serve as quantum references. One such “optical lattice clock” they had built potentially can keep time with an uncertainty no greater than one part in 1018 (one part in a million trillion). This timing accuracy is a thousand times better than the best clock in use today. With such accuracy, general relativity and quantum electrodynamics can be subjected to tests a thousand times more rigorous. Likewise, such clocks could place limits a thousand times lower on possible slow, tiny variations in the fundamental constants of physics. Moreover, very long baseline interferometry can be made a thousand times more precise. Therefore, this new clock technology may provide spectacular increases in the proofs for the biblically predicted big bang creation model and for the supernatural design of the constants of physics and the physical features of the universe for the benefit of life.

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