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More confirmation that the universe is exquisitely designed for life came when the Supernova Cosmology Project team measured 11 previously undetected distant supernovae with the Hubble Space Telescope. This data set alone established that we live in an accelerating universe. When combined with previous supernova measurements, the data set reveals that the cosmic mass density provides 25 ± 6 percent of the density necessary for a flat universe while the space energy density provides 75 ± 6 percent. These measurements agree well with the WMAP results and help establish that the mass density and space energy density indeed are the most exquisitely designed of all cosmic parameters.

 R. A. Knop, et al, “New Constraints on ΩM, ΩɅ, and w from an Independent Set of 11 High-Redshift Supernovae Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope,” Astrophysical Journal, 598 (2003), pp. 102-137.


RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation,” Facts for Faith, quarter 2, 2002, issue 9, pp. 32-39; Hugh Ross, “A Beginner’s—and Expert’s—Guide to the Big Bang,” Facts for Faith, quarter 3, 2000, issue 3, pp. 14-32; Hugh Ross and John Rea, “Big Bang—The Bible Said It First!Facts for Faith, quarter 3, 2000, issue 3, pp. 26-32.

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