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Accelerated Cosmic Expansion, Not Grey Dust

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X-ray studies of a distant quasar provide more evidence for the immensely fine-tuned space-energy density that causes the expansion rate of the universe to increase. The discovery of the space-energy density (also known as dark energy) in the late 1990s rested on observations of Type Ia supernovae. The dark energy provided the simplest explanation of the dimness of these supernovae (which function as standard candles) as their redshifts increased. One alternative model posited the existence of a specific kind of dust—called “grey dust”—that accounted for the dimness-redshift relation. However, x-ray studies of a distant quasar constrain the amount of this dust to be less than one-tenth the amount required to explain the supernova data without dark energy. Given that dark energy ranks as the single most fine-tuned characteristic of the universe, these results further support RTB’s cosmic creation model, which asserts that a supernatural Creator designed the universe specifically to support life.

o       Andreea Petric et al., “A Direct Upper Limit on the Density of Cosmological Dust from the Absence of an X-ray Scattering Halo Around the z = 4.3 Quasar QSO 1508+5714,” Astrophysical Journal 651 (2006): 41-45.


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