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Abundant Galaxies and High Star Formation Support Creation Model

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Recent results by a team of international astronomers provide additional support for the RTB testable cosmic creation model. One characteristic of the RTB model calls for the expedient preparation of a fit habitat for life. In order to have life and a planet that supports life, all the necessary elements need to be produced in the explosions of massive stars. A team of international astronomers found that a large number of galaxies were in place shortly after the beginning of the universe. Not only was the number of galaxies larger than expected, but also the star formation rate was higher than previously measured. These results are consistent with a model that maintains that a supernatural Creator caused the universe and prepared a fit habitat for the formation of life and ultimately, human life.

o   O. Le Fèvre et al., “A Large Population of Galaxies 9 to 12 Billion Years Back in the History of the Universe,” Nature 437 (2005): 519-21.


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