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A New Technique for Exploring Biochemical Design

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Article in Science describes how a research team not only performed x-ray diffraction on a protein at an exceptional resolution of 1.8 angstroms (an angstrom = a ten billionth of a meter) but also did so with a frame frequency of once every 150 picoseconds (a picosecond = a trillionth of a second). This new technique allows one to literally observe the protein as it performs its function. In this particular instance biochemists saw molecular design that they had never before been able to see. This new technology in the months and years ahead should dramatically increase the evidence for supernatural design at the biomolecular level.

Friedrich Schotte, et al, “Watching a Protein as it Functions with 150-ps Time-Resolved X-ray Crystallography,” Science, 300 (2003), pp. 1944-1946.


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