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A Best of TNRTB: Gravitational Lenses Measure the Universe

This past year a team of astronomers (all Christians) published their assessment of a debate between Hugh Ross, PhD, and Danny Faulkner, PhD. Ross argued for a 14-billion-year-old universe while Faulkner presented the case for a few-thousand-years-old universe. In making their assessment, the team of astronomers noted that in order for scientific progress to address such an issue “requires many different independent experiments including tests that could falsify competing claims.” One relatively new experiment that showed up in 2010’s scientific literature used gravitational lenses to measure the expansion history of the universe. As I described in a previous Today’s New Reason to Believe, measurements of this type continue to affirm that we live in a billions-of-years-old universe.

Subjects: Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth

Dr. Jeff Zweerink

While many Christians and non-Christians see faith and science as in perpetual conflict, I find they integrate well. They operate by the same principles and are committed to discovering foundational truths. Read more about Dr. Jeff Zweerink.