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A Best of TNRTB: General Revelation Affirms Scripture Accounts

RTB holds to the concept of dual revelation, meaning that we believe God has revealed himself to humanity through “two books”—special revelation (Scripture) and general revelation (nature). As described in our statement of faith, “the Bible is therefore our supreme and final authority in all matters that it addresses,” yet when properly understood, “God’s Word (Scripture) and God’s world (nature), as two revelations (one verbal, one physical) from the same God, will never contradict each other.” This means that where the Bible describes historical events, information gleaned from the record of nature (if available) will corroborate the biblical account.

Two different scientific discoveries over the past year demonstrate this principle. First, archeological evidence provides support for the existence of Edom. Second, meteorological studies provide a plausible explanation for how God affected the parting of the Red Sea. Discoveries such as these affirm that the two books model provides the best way to study and understand all that God has revealed to us.

Dr. Jeff Zweerink

While many Christians and non-Christians see faith and science as in perpetual conflict, I find they integrate well. They operate by the same principles and are committed to discovering foundational truths. Read more about Dr. Jeff Zweerink.