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Star Formation in the Inferno

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Scientific advance continues to affirm that our solar system is designed for human life. Astronomers have found more support—in the context of big bang cosmology—for the formation of the solar system with all of its outstanding features so as to permit the existence of advanced life. Those features require the solar system to form adjacent to several unusual and powerful supernova events (exploding stars). Some have doubted whether such tumultuous circumstances would even allow stars and planets to form. Those doubts have been assuaged by the discovery of the first direct evidence of ongoing star formation by accretion (whereby a clump of matter attracts molecules of interstellar gas) in the inferno known as the Axis of Evil in the Carina Nebula. This nebula has been scorched by intense ultraviolet radiation from several of the hottest and most massive stars known in our Galaxy. This discovery confirms evidence for design of the star formation history of our Galaxy as well as for the multi-faceted design of the solar system.

·         Nathan Smith, John Bally, and Kate J. Brooks, “HH 666: The Axis of Evil in the Carina Nebula,” Astronomical Journal 127 (2004): 2793-2808.


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