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Young-Earth Creationists Admit That the Sun’s Furnace Is Nuclear

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For the first time, young-earth creationists scholars have conceded that the Sun is a fusion-powered body. They note that the new solar neutrino data “means that this luminosity [the sun’s] is 100% fusion powered and that the new helioseismology data confirms this conclusion. They also recognize, since it takes about a million years for energy from the sun’s nuclear furnace to diffuse out to its surface, that the young-earth model is seriously compromised. The challenge of a fusion-powered sun now forces the young-earth community into an extremely ad hoc appearance-of-age position. They now claim the sun has a nuclear furnace burning at its core but that the energy flows and seismic properties astronomers observe from the sun’s subsurface layers and its surface were placed there by God about 6,000 years ago so as to make astronomers conclude that the sun has been experiencing nuclear fusion burning for 4.5 billion years. 

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