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A team of European and American geochemists and geophysicists has found more evidence for the supernatural design and timing of the solar system for the benefit of advanced life. Using measures of oxygen-18 and deuterium from the past 100,000 years that were recovered from the Greenland GRIP ice core, the team showed that several rapid and dramatic changes in both temperature and rainfall distribution had occurred in response to tiny changes in the obliquity or tilt of Earth’s orbit. Their study implies that the value, the range of variability, and the rates of variation in the obliquity of Earth’s orbit must all be carefully fine-tuned for advanced life to be possible. Their study also implies that the advent of global human civilization must have been carefully timed to begin near the start of the one 12,000-year slice within the past 100,000 years where relative climatic stability existed. 

·         V. Masson-Delmotte et al., “GRIP Deuterium Excess Reveals Rapid and Orbital-Scale Changes in Greenland Moisture Origin,” Science 309 (2005): 118-21.


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