Reasons to Believe

Our Team

Fazale Rana
Kenneth R. Samples
Jeff Zweerink
Research Scholars

The RTB research scholar team is dedicated to discovering powerful new reasons that equip people to engage in the integration of science and Christian faith.

Volunteer Apologists

Volunteer apologists are trained by Reasons to Believe to use the ever-increasing evidence coming out of the world of science that continues to prove the existence of the God of the Bible as the only credible candidate for the creator of the universe.


RTB chapters and networks extend the ministry of Reasons to Believe throughout the world, disseminating the message that scientific evidence supports faith in the God of the Bible, faith that is rooted in testable truth.

Our Work So Far

Articles Written

RTB articles represent a comprehensive exploration of science and Christian faith issues in today's world.

Books Published

Compelling resources with clear evidence for a universe that is designed, initiated, shaped, and sustained exactly as the Bible describes.

TV & Radio Interviews

Media appearances by the RTB Research Scholar team in outlets around the world.

Events Held

RTB travels to your local area to share the reasons to believe to your school, church, or oranization.