Reasons to Believe

Connect faith's "reasons" with everyday life

Reasons To Believe is committed to demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Learning new reasons to believe can help expand our hearts in worship and empower us to discuss our faith with others both inside and outside the community of believers.

Discover unique reasons for

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    Stretching your mind

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    Sharing with others

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    Responding to skeptics

"Hugh Ross' lecture was one of those rare events for me that made everything about Christianity right to me."
Neiman, via e-mail

"Your resources are practical sermons and go a long way to reach out to a lost world."
Bob, Toronto

About our communication approach

Our approach is to engage people in informed dialogue about the links between science and faith.  We place importance on doing so with gentleness and respect (see 1 Peter 3:16).

We invite you to start exploring our collection of
(thousands) of reasons to believe

As a start, you may want to begin with the below topics. They provide concise, straightforward answers to questions that come up frequently in conversations about faith, science, or both.